H C D Cleaning


Welcome to the family

We are very happy to welcome Natalie and Tegan to our brilliant team of people. They are going to be looking after Penny Hydraulics and Carmel building services for us. As unfortunately, w e say goodbye to Bruce and Tracey.
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The Importance of Cleaning

Why do we clean? Keeping things clean serves multiple purposes. The first thing that usually springs to mind is that everything looks nicer when it’s clean and shines. This is probably the least important reason for cleaning. Cleaning all types of equipment keeps it in the best working condition. From computer equipment to mechanical machines […]
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First Impressions Count

Our staff only travel in our company vehicles. Most of the time, people notice our company by one of our cars driving passed them. Because of this they form the biggest part of our advertising. Hence, its so important to us that all of the vehicles portray a clean, smart and presentable vision of our […]
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