The Importance of Cleaning

Why do we clean? Keeping things clean serves multiple purposes. The first thing that usually springs to mind is that everything looks nicer when it’s clean and shines. This is probably the least important reason for cleaning.

Cleaning all types of equipment keeps it in the best working condition. From computer equipment to mechanical machines all start to suffer when a build up of dust and dirt is allowed to happen. It can be viewed as an essential part of regular maintenance ensuring that the equipment is functioning at it’s most efficient.

Not everyone knows it, but a build up of dust can become a very dangerous fire hazard. Dust is quite flammable, in fact certain types of dust can become explosive. A scary thought right? During World War II, coal dust was used to increase the explosive power of some bombs to great effect. Dust from organic sources such as plants and animals can reach a certain level of concentration in the air at which point it becomes combustible and then all it takes is a spark. Thank fully these situations are rare.

More recently the importance of cleaning has once again been thrown into the spot light. The pandemic has really highlighted the role of the cleaner as part of infection control. It’s long been my belief that cleaners don’t get nearly the level of recognition that they deserve. We’ve all heard the old adage “Prevention is better than cure”, well the world’s cleaners are where it starts. From helping to relieve the suffering of people with dust allergies to fighting the coronavirus with thorough viricidal cleaning, cleaners are our unsung heroes.

The pandemic has had such an effect on society that even once Covid-19 is well and truly under control, society will continue to be acutely aware that infections new and old are so easily spread on surfaces that are frequently touched and breathed, coughed and sneezed on. As a result, infection control and eliminating cross-contamination will continue to be a large part of our everyday lives.

We at HCD Cleaning are on a mission to raise the profile of cleaners everywhere. Not surprisingly, we spend a lot of time with cleaners and we can assure you that they are very knowledgeable and resourceful people. Far from the old ‘they’re just cleaners’ image. Our staff have been in situations that a lot of people wouldn’t want to be part of. I’ll not go into detail but houses full of syringes where the dog was never let out or taken on a walk is not a welcoming sight (or smell).

In short we should all show our appreciation of cleaners as the essential workers that they are.


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